Data Tracking Made Easy!

Data is the new buzz word!

If you go to an RTI meeting, ask your Principal for advice about how to reach a student or conference with a parent, one thing is ALWAYS questioned…

Where is your data!?

While our students are being tested to death, teachers are being buried under mounds of data. While this is great (in theory), the daunting thought of collecting sufficient data can leave some teachers bewildered. During my first year teaching, I remember scrambling for “data” as I rushed off to a meeting or prepared for a parent conference. I rifled through writing journals, grabbed graded papers and scrounged through folders. Although I knew what my student needed, it was exhausting to constantly have the physical proof ready at a moments notice! As I begin teaching First Grade this year in a Common Core state (Nevada), I am prepared.



I have created a data collecting tool for First Grade that shows the progress of student learning as well as documents strategies of teaching and assessment. My data tracker is a way for me to stay organized and have “proof” of both student accomplishments or growth areas at a moment’s notice. I am BEYOND relieved!

I will no longer be hurriedly rushing around looking for data, I will be able to grab my packet and GO!

First Grade Common Core Data Tracking Tool

Check it out and let me know what you think; I’d love any & all feedback!

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