Back-to-School… {insert ominous music}

Back-to-School is upon us! This, however, should not be the time for hair pulling out, atypical breathing, caffein (or, umm, adult beverage) dependance or nightmares.

Teachers, NEWS FLASH: This is the FUN time of the school year!

All too often, teachers lament the beginning of the school year and grimace at every  “back-to-school” commercial/advertisement. I look at it as the exact opposite.

Back-to-school is the ONLY time of the year that I can…

…enjoy a little extra rest for a few more days.

…tell myself that THIS is the year that I will be perfectly organized.

…feel rejuvenated by the amazing conferences & trainings that I’ve attended.

…imagine that I’m going to have a classroom of prim, proper little angels. {wink, wink}

…delusions of grandeur (AKA my parents  think I’m perfect in every way).

…finally put to work those long hours spent scouring TpT & Pinterest.

And finally, THIS year is another chance to reinvent myself as an educator!!

Back-to-school should be a time of renewal and excitement. And believe me y’all, if we as teachers are frustrated, exhausted & grumpy before the school year even starts, our students and parents are going to be able to tell from a mile away. Anytime that you start to get bogged down by your back-to-school to-do list, just think:

New Year, New You!

To illustrate my point, I combined my two faves… The color PINK & Yorkies! Yes, I am 100% obsessed and not at all ashamed 🙂 Back-to-school is the easy part so enjoy meeting your new group of littles (or bigs, I mean seriously, 3rd graders these days are as tall as me) and focus on creating a fun, inviting classroom for your students. Your best is more than “good enough”; IT IS PERFECT!

Yorkie School Year

Shameless dog-daughter promotion: That’s my cutie patootie lil York in her bed being a lazy lil pup. Sleeping is her only duty & she takes it EXTREMELY seriously!

Do you have any go-to routines for back-to-school? If so, I’d love to hear your ideas!



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