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So I mentioned a little bit about what finally gave me to nudge I needed to begin blogging. Well now it’s time to post something potentially useful (and FREE!). Yes, here is my first freebie!


At The Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teachers (CAMT), I presented a joint presentation with none other than my fabulous mama, the one and only Dr. Patricia Nicosia! We combined efforts this year and focused on integrating math (particularly fractions and shapes) with literature. And let’s be honest, presenting for one hour (and ultimately being seconds away from a nervous breakdown) was a small price to pay for a fun week playing in Dallas with my mom.

 So on to the stuff you can use… MY FIRST FREEBIE!!

Our presentation was segmented into two sections; the first half focused on Pre-K & K and the second half focused on First & Second. One of my {FAVE} lessons focused on this super cute book- Kitten Castle!

kitten castle pic

The story follows a litter of (super, duper cute) kittens as they make themselves comfortable in different shaped spaces. There is A LOT you can do with this book but we went in the direction of a 3-D Shapes BINGO game. The game was created by a colleague of my mom, Dr. Michael Ortiz and he did a fabulous job! After reading the story and reviewing 3-D shapes, I divided the class into groups of 4-5 and gave each group a BINGO board. Then, I scattered the BINGO call cards in a common area and assigned a particular letter or shape that they had to make on the board by finding the correct BINGO call cards and covering the corresponding space on the BINGO board. THE KIDDOS LOVED IT!! Seriously y’all, this was First Grade during the 2nd to last week of school; they should have been C L I M B I N G the walls but they were so engaged –> SUCCESS BIG TIME!! Of course, there’s lots of ways this can be played (traditional whole-class BINGO, center BINGO, individual informal assessment, the list goes on…). The game is set-up in such a way that reading is not required (geared towards our ELLs) and that the students must be able to match the known shapes to real world examples. Applying what they know to the real world- isn’t that always the goal!? So here is everything you need (including lesson plans with necessary TEKS- sorry Common Core, I’m working on it).

BINGO Game Download and Kitten Castle Lesson Plan

This is a great activity for teaching the concepts in First Grade as well as assessing in Second and Third Grade. If you LOVE LOVE LOVE this book as much as I do, you can expand on this lesson and have your students (in groups) create their own kitten castle out of recyclables (yes, I’m cheap) and label the various 3-D shapes that they used to build the structure. To bring it back to literature, have your students design a kitten castle in Word by inserting various shapes then write a story about the kitten that lives in that home. The possibilities are endless!

What is your go-to way of teaching 3D Shapes? I’d love to hear from you!


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