How it all began…

Between Pinterest, Facebook, websites and blogs, I have logged quite a few hours on the web. How cool is it that in this modern day of technology, teachers from across the country can share ideas!? I LOVE IT! I had become a frequent follower of Cara Carroll ‘s blog The First Grade Parade. I’m sure you’ve been there but if not, go now… actually, finish reading my post then head on over there 😉 I attended the National I Teach 1st conference this year right here in my own backyard of Las Vegas and couldn’t believe it when I was sitting in one of her presentations without even realizing it. Forget being a “Belieber”- I was a “Carroll-izer” and I was SOOOO star-struck. I attended not one, not two, but {{THREE}} of her presentations. I figured that if I attended a fourth I might be verging on the brink of stalker status- Hehe! Anyway, it got me thinking… I CAN DO THIS TOO! But then I was quickly brought back down to earth with self-doubting questions: “Will anyone want to read my blog?”, “Do I have anything worthwhile to share?”, “How the heck do I create a blog to start with?”. Let’s just say, I tabled the idea…


Fast forward a couple weeks- I was in Texas for the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teachers (C.A.M.T) and feeling as jittery as ever about my upcoming presentation. It would be my third time presenting at this conference but this did not help my nervousness AT ALL. Ummm can I get a margarita please!? Actually, can I have a pitcher of margarita in a Camelback to wear while I present!?!? Okay, maybe not the best idea but you get the point- I WAS A NERVOUS WRECK! It was finally time for my presentation. I started with the first slide and introduced myself and everything after that was a complete blur. Next thing I knew, it was over (Thank you Lord!) and there was a roar of applause. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I had given a worthwhile presentation or maybe they were just applauding the fact that it was over… I’ll choose to believe the former!


As I was gathering up my materials, a few ladies came up with questions or kind words about my presentation. And then it happened… One of the girls asked the GOLDEN question: “Do you have a blog?”. I couldn’t believe it!!! And then, another girl asked the same thing. I felt like a dinosaur out of the Stone Age when I had to say “No” but quickly followed up with “… But I might have one in the near future.”




However, it is so important to give credit where credit is due. I couldn’t have done it without my AMAZING husband (seriously y’all, this guy is one in a million). Without his tech skills, I wouldn’t be any closer to a blog than I would have been to actually having a Camelback full of margarita at the conference. I am so excited to begin this new venture in blogging. My blog is still in it’s infancy but I am excited to see it grow and change with me as I grow and change as a teacher!

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